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5 Tools That Help Measure Your Social Media Influence

Posted by mvaladez en 06/07/2011

Do you know if you’re having an impact on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks? Do you want some tips on how to measure your social media influence?

I’ll highlight five free tools that offer easy ways to keep track of your influence on Twitter and beyond:

#1: Klout: Using data from your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts (and soon Foursquare as well), Klout determines your overall influence, providing basic graphs and a good-looking user interface.

#2: TwentyFeet: TwentyFeet is another tool that pulls in data from Facebook and Twitter and presents it in graph form. The layout is made up of a set of graphs showing data from various time frames, such as last week, last month or last quarter. TwentyFeet makes your data more manageable and easy to understand by pointing out significant differences. 

#3: Crowdbooster: Using your existing data, Crowdbooster determines when your posts will receive the most interaction and have the most influence on your audience and recommends the best times for you to tweet the following day.

#4: TweetStats: For a more general data overview, TweetStats is incredibly easy to use. This is another tool that allows you to enter any Twitter handle, so you can check multiple accounts or compare other users’ accounts to your own.

#5: My Web Career: Unlike the tools that focus on Twitter statistics, My Web Career analyzes data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and web search results to determine your “Career Score.” This score is based on the size of your network, your overall social media presence and the strength and reliability of your connections.


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